Taco Salad Pizza
The perfect marriage--taco salad and pizza.  Two favorite foods in my household collide with awesome results.

Beef & Broccoli 
This fast, easy take-out classic tastes even
better than restaurant-made, and without
the terrible gut issues later.

Looking for something a little more fancy
and you can tolerate a little dairy?   This 
casserole is kinda like a lasagna, only a 
lot faster and without the gut-busting ricotta
cheese.  The olives add a really nice contrast.

Koftas are a big favorite all over the Mediterranian and the middle east.  They're basically a meatball
shish-ka-bob and can be made to a million flavour
varieties.  I myself love a Greek twist so that I can
serve them over a cold cauli-rice salad, like I show here.  Cook these meatballs on the bbq, in the oven, or even in a fry pan.  Versatile and tasty.

If you have a little more time, this Mexican-inspired
recipe is totally awesome!  The tortillas are a bit 
more work than most recipes, but are totally worth
it.  Mash up some avocado with a bit of garlic, onion
powder and cayenne, and you have yourself one 
delicious meal that will beat the taste of any take-out Mexican meal you were craving for.

This is definitely weekend food--it's also "wow" your guests food with it's colourful presentation.  Mock duck is an old classic from my grandparents era; designed to use up that tough but cheap cut of meat through slow cooking.  Serve with a salad for even more oomph.

Classic Canadian dish, remade with turnip on top.  Ohh-so-comforting.  Because you cook everything on the stovetop before assembling and baking, this recipe can be made from start to finish in about an hour.  Not too bad for a weeknight, and really easy on a weekend.

I'm all about simple.  An old-fashioned comfort food make really simple so you can have it on the dinner table in a half hour.  Perfect weeknight dish.

I can do pizza a hundred ways, just like with meatloaf.  This version avoids the almond-flour crust, and is more stick-to-your-ribs than most cauliflower-crust recipes out there.  Sweet potatoes go awesome with pizza sauce.

I make this one all the time for my family.  It tastes like junk food of old days, but it isn't junk at all.  Fast, filling, and easy, this hearty weeknight meal is so good you may make it on weekends too, just because it's that good.

Taco Beef Stew
A great change from your regular beef stew, this crockpot dish is simple and economical.  Mix meat ingredients, dump into crockpot, and forget about it until dinnertime.

Paleo Nachos with "Re-Fried Beans"
Brilliant, and yes, I DO love Mexican foods.  Sweet Pepper "Nachos" and delicata squash re-fried "beans".

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