Snacks & Treats

Pumpkin Pie Custard
Fabulous pumpkin pie taste, simple and less fussy when you're not making a crust.  Just add whipped cream/coconut milk.

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Peanut Butter Icing
Totally light and fluffy and moist like real cake should be.  Don't settle for less just because it's coconut flour.

Nuts, No Bolts
Remember nuts & bolts from your childhood?  All the taste, none of the grain cereals involved here

Banana Yogurt Parfaits
Make the vanilla granola topping once and you'll be able to make these parfaits all week for tasty snacking

Lemon Tart
OMG, my best dessert yet.  Tastes like the real deal, your guests will never know it's paleo-friendly

Berry Custard Cookie Tart
Same crust as my lemon tart, a little taste of spring freshness in a light and mellow custard

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Ok, not my picture, but you get the point.  It was too good to stop and take a picture.

Peppermint Patties
Delicious, and not-really-evil.  I used paper cupcake liners to make these shapes.  So rich, you'll want to stop at just one.

Gingerbread Cake
Your guests will never guess that it has been
paleo-fied.  Tastes just like my grandma used to make it--to me, THIS is what Christmas should taste like.

Ginger Crinkle Cookies
Even my teens non-paleo friends just gobbled these up.  Oh, how I love ginger crinkle cookies.....

Oh-My Caramel Sauce
Rich, creamy, and only slightly sweet, this is a
super-fat snack, not a sugary snack.  But make
sure you share it.

Raspberries & Cream
A delicious way to get more gelatin into yourself and your kids.  When you were young, did you ever make jello with milk?  That's totally what this reminds me of.

Pumpkin Cake with Real Cream Cheese Icing
This cake is incredibly moist and pumpkin-y--with a very reasonable amount of sweetener.  I think the cream cheese icing takes it to all new levels of deliciousness, but my family likes it just as much without any icing at all.  You decide...

Creamy Dark Chocolate Fudge
Yup, totally nailed it.  Like my grandma used to make, but without the sweetened condensed milk--make your own using coconut milk and honey.  So this is really a 2-for-1.

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