Shrimp Creole
Fast, easy, and delicious.  Not too spicy.  What more do you need?

Spanish Chicken and Shrimp
Fast, easy and tasteful weeknight fare, with quite a kick

Smokey Paprika Paella
I wanted a paleo-fied paella, and I succeeded

Blackened Fish and Mashed Celery Root
One of my favorite fish dishes; restaurant-quality looks and taste, flash-in-the-pan fast

Tandoori Fish and Chips
My other favorite fish dish, ridiculously simple 4-ingredient fish dish.  A comfort food classic made with fridge-staples.  ALWAYS keep a jar of tandoori paste in your fridge.

Clam Chowder
Sorry, not my picture--but the chowder is a clam chowder that will convert your non-chowder-eating family into clam chowder loving fiends!

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