Sides & Soup

Asparagus and Broccoli Soup
Sometimes all you have in the fridge is some old broccoli heart and asparagus ends.  Lucky for you, that's all you need here.  Fast, simple and sticks to the ribs.

Easy Tomato Soup
Family-friendly and ready in only 10 minutes.  Tastes just like Campbells Tomato Soup--only this one is far more healthy.

Comforting Sweet Potato Soup
Tastes like dinner and dessert all at once.  Sweet AND savory with cinnamon and nutmeg--have your cake and eat it, too, so to speak.

Squash Gnocchi (and Brown Butter Sage Sauce)
OMG delicious gnocchi, even better than the old potato-style.  So good, it deserves to be front-and-centre, let the meat take the side on this one....

Cabbage Chop Suey
Perfect side for egg foo yong, and so much heartier than bean sprouts.  Includes bacon

A Simple Scallop
Turnips and sweet potatoes, better than the plain potato kind.  You'll never believe its this easy until you try it.

Squash Fries
A staple in my house, better than sweet potato fries, best served with dipping sauce made of curry paste and mayo mixed together....

Cauli-Bread Buns
When you need to hold your meat in your hands, these bad boys really hold it together.

Cold Cauli-Orzo Salad
Something special for a summertime bbq.  Even better next day.

Herbed Cauli-Rice
A very tasty twist on cauliflower-rice, with a shot of lime and cilantro, makes this great with all things Mexican.

Clam Chowder
Finally, a clam chowder that will make you like clam chowder--and this one is full of bacon.  Who doesn't love that?

Ham & Cheese Soup
What can I say??  Ham soup has always been a delicious way of using up a leftover ham bone.  Comfort food for the weekends.

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