Saturday, 19 January 2013

Raspberries & Cream

Get some gelatin into you!!  Seriously, you can still eat jello--at least, the home made kind.

Here's a fun food to amuse your kids with (or the kid inside of you).  Always have fun with your food, I say! Don't get all "food is just sustenance" on me.  Enjoy it--life is short.  The kids don't need to know that this is GOOD for them.  It'll be our little secret.

Gelatin is one of those things that we just can't get enough of in our diet.  Our ancestors would have eaten a lot more bone-broths than we do, and more organs, and skin, and everything else in between.  Even though I love cooking bone-in meats, and making bone broths and soups, I still very much doubt I'm getting anything near an optimal level.

Isn't that alone a good enough reason to still eat jello??

Ok, if you need more reasons to love gelatin, read this and this.  Do TRY to find a good/healthy source of gelatin powder, though, if you can.

Did you ever make jello with milk or cream as a kid?  You got this lighter, mellower fluffy stuff kind-of like a mousse.  That stuff was even better than the real deal.  And this is a spin on that idea.

Next time, I'm adding more liquid.  My gelatin cubes were sweet and delicious, but a bit...dense.  Next time, light and fluffy!!

This recipe was adapted from a Keto Cook recipe here

Do TRY to find a good/healthy source of gelatin powder, though, if you can.


3/4 c heavy cream or coconut milk--up to 2 cups worth
1 c frozen berries
1 pkt gelatin--or 1 Tbs if loose measure
scoop stevia, optional and not necessary


Thaw and mash berries, mix berries, sweetener, gelatin and cream in microwave-safe dish and heat, stirring frequently, 30 seconds at a time, until boiling.  Pour into a mold or loaf pan and refrigerate until set. Cube and serve as you wish.  How about whipping some coconut whipped cream with that?  You'll be a hero in your family.


  1. Awesome! I've just been reading about benefits of gelatin and am looking for recipes. One question is how much one packet is. I have the Great Lakes kind in a can.

  2. A packet is a tablespoon, and it will set up to 2 cups liquid. Hope you like it!