Sunday, 15 July 2012


I'm a little scared.  My shopping list is long and has expensive one-off's on it like parchment paper and lite-tasting EVOO for my homemade mayo...

So I got back from the grocery store, feeling like we did really well, and I open the cupboard to put the EVOO in--only to find another EVOO already in there.  So I re-stocked twice for the same thing...and look, there's two jars of pickles, when there's already one in the fridge, so I did THAT mistake twice over.  And I bought Dijon today, only to find another one of those in the cupboard, too.  So clearly I'm suffering from some kind of Alzheimer's-related memory issues, or I suffer from some kind of food hoarding complex and may appear on the next episode of that tv show. 

Anywhoo, including the $20 I spent on meat earlier this week at the farmers market, this week's grocery total is


Not bad.  On my list; flavoured yogurts for the girls, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, avocados, apricots, parchment paper, club soda (for wine spritzers, you know...) paper towels, bread & buns (only for the girls--we only buy bread for them about once a month), portobello mushrooms and tomato paste, along with the ingredients for everything below....

  • hamburgers with minted tomato salad (gonna try my new grassfed burgers from snowdon farms, salad recipe TBA if I like it)
  • taco scramble (recipe here )
  • curried banana chicken and cauli-rice (recipe here --sounds really interesting with bananas..)
  • buffalo chicken casserole (recipe here )
  • apricot-chipotle glazed pork tenderloins with asparagus (recipe TBA if it works out for me)
  • enchilada pie (recipe here )
  • egg, avocado and bacon caesar salad

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