Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Co-Workers and some Pad Thai

So I'm at work the other day, and I'm in the kitchen and my co-worker comes in and says to me "Do you ever worry that you're losing your hair?"  Huh?  What's wrong with my hair?  No, not until this very second I didn't.  Do I look like my hair is thinning?  Are you suggesting I'm looking particularily bald today?  My hair is my crowning glory.  Don't pick on my hair!

I had to step back and think about what she was really saying.  I gave her one long glare, all 5'2" of her and her perfect, cherubian build with the enviably large, round booty, and asked her "Are you saying that because I've lost so much weight, I may start to lose my hair?"

"Yea."  She says.  Was it jelousy speaking?  I think she was just honestly asking, because she thought I was crazy for not eating grains...  A person could starve to death without bread and potatoes.

"But I've only lost 10 pounds.  Seriously.  I'm 123 pounds today, honest.  It's not like I'm 5'6" and 96 pounds."  She was surprised to hear that.  She seems to have thought I was far lighter than that.  That must have been a really oddly worded compliment.  Whew.  But now I'm still paranoid about my hair.  I ran out and bought new shampoo and conditioner last night.  My hair wasn't liking that sulphate free, dye free completely earth friendly vegan stuff anyways. 

So people are noticing.  When I was asked what I wanted for lunch, before I could answer, my co-worker (not the very same one, mind you) stopped me and said "I know, you want something that comes in a bun, with no bun, right?  A burger on a salad."  Ok, he was mocking me, but he's getting it.  People are getting it.  Bread=bad.  Have you ever gone to the Pita Pit and ordered a pita, with no pita, please?  Sure, they look at you sideways, but I asked this coworker to do that, and I was pretty amazed with what was in my lunch that day.  Mr Sub and Subway have nothing on the Pita Pit.  Toppings galore, which means salad fixings galore.  Not perfect food, but not bad for a scavenging free-loading grok such as myself...

Yes, this is our own cooking photo, my first food photo!
 More to the point...  So, tonight we tried a new recipe--paleo Pad Thai.  I found this recipe on, and you haven't been to her website, go there!  Mel has some pretty interesting food combinations.  (And she's just come out with a new cookbook).

I have to say, since going all primal with my food, I've really missed pad thai.  And general tsao's chicken.  These are hard foods to re-create paleo-style.  So I bought me some sunbutter (do you have any yet?  It's pretty good, better than roasted almond butter, I think) and whipped up a batch of her pad thai.  I fed it to my family.  It got 3 out of 4 approvals.  That's a pretty good rating in my house.  The fourth opinion, my teen, well, she's not totally onboard with the whole paleo concept.  She misses her bagels.  At least she showed up and tasted it is all I can say about that.  Next time I make this one, and there will be a next time, I will use hot pepper flakes in the sauce because I like some fire in me belly!  This time-travelling grok needs her hot sauces!  Yea, I loaded mine with extra chili-garlic sauce.  Not because it needed it, but because I do that kind of thing.  I'm like the commercial for Frank's Hot Sauce.  I put that shit on everything!

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