Monday, 7 May 2012

I AM a weekend WODier

I AM a weekend WODier.  

No fancy gear for us; just a bike, some shades, and a trail.
Sure, on weekdays I still workout. Sometimes I even manage a FOD (fun of the day) instead of a normal WOD. But weekends is where the real fun is at. Hours and hours of the great outdoors and enough open time to do what I please. Long hikes and trail runs and canoeing for hours; that kind of fun that you can only do when you have a whole day ahead of you.

I had a fabulous FOD this past weekend. The sun was shining, the air was warm, and spring has finally sprung. Got the pool opened. Got the house cleaned. Time to get outside for some fun!

The water's low and silty.  See the barely opened leaves in the trees?
So we took down our bikes for the first time this year, pumped up the tires, lubed all the moving parts, jumped onto them and headed north. Away from town, up country roads, across rural sideroads, down dirt roads where we ate dust clouds and shook with washboards on un-graded, winter-damaged road. Down forest paths, over wooded bridges where fishermen angled for trout (fishing season has opened). It was absolutely fabulous. I love my town. So much green space, so many great bike paths and trails.

Ostrich Ferns unfurling.  Beautiful.

Fiddleheads were up in the woods. The only sad part was cycling past all of the people who had hiked out into the woods to cut and harvest the wild ferns for their own eating. You’re not supposed to take the ferns from the woods. You cut down those fiddleheads, the fern's not going to send up new shoots again this year.  Nothing else will come up in its place. That is right up there with not digging up trilliums from the wild. It’s just wrong.  

All in all, the bike ride was 20 km. Those country roads went up or down, none of them level or straight. My thighs are feeling it now. But I’m grinning from ear to ear.  

I love the iron bridges on the woodland trails.  Very cool.
I AM a weekend WODier.  Are you?

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