Sunday, 20 May 2012

On The Menu MY 20 - 26

On The Menu

Ok, based on what's on sale this week and what I already have in my fridge, here's what I'm thinking...

  • beef ribs with roasted carrot and asparagus rib recipe here
  • Cilantro-Lime Chicken with cabbage recipe TBA
  • pizza, ver III recipe TBA
  • paella recipe TBA
  • sloppy joes on squash fries recipe here
  • country comfort pie recipe here
  • indian chicken on bok choy and cauli-rice (never got to eat it last week)

  • ...and breakfast cookies for the girls
Total shopping for this week $168.52.   Uuuurgh, I hate when that happens. So, where did the money go?  Well, $9 worth of almond meal @ $11.50/lb, $4.60 worth of unshelled pistachios, coffee $15.49 (could only get my brand in the jumbo size this week), extra ground beef, extra chicken thighs, extra shrimp (they were all on sale only if you buy the 'club pack' size), ziplock freezer bags $5.49, no-name peanut butter for the girls $4.99.  Everything else was petty normal.  I guess next week we won't need a lot of meat is all.  I think its the almond meal and coffee that really did me in.  I'm trying to keep my grocery costs to around $120-$130/week.

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