Tuesday, 15 May 2012

ON THE MENU MY 13 - 19

On the Menu

Ok so this week the grocery list was short.  I'm all for short and cheap, but this time I think its because I simply left too many things off the list.  Sunday, I sent Steve to the Bulk Barn for almond meal--$10 worth, so that I could eat grain-free pancakes until I burst.  So, including that trip, the grocery total for this week is $119.16.  I DID have to buy almond butter--again.  I seem to have devoured a whole jar of it in a week.  And we picked up sausage meat even though its not on the menu, just because it was on sale, and we bought more ground beef than we needed for that same reason. 

So this week's sales included bone-in skin-on fresh thighs @ $2.99/lb, x-tra lean ground beef at $2.99/lb, omega-3 eggs @ $2.99, 2x 4-pk peppers for $5 and all berries @ 3/$5.  Due to the same ongoing budgetary constraints as last week, it is no longer good enough to find meat at less than $5/lb.  It must now be $3/lb or less.  It's a darn good thing that I love ground beef.

So here's the food plan for this week:
  • Pork-fried cauli-rice  recipe here
  • Enchilada Pie  recipe here
  • Blackened fish on mashed celeriac with fiddleheads  recipe here
  • Crazy Sweet Potato Cheeseburger Pizza  (will be altering my own recipe)
  • Lemon Chicken with broccoli and peppers  recipe here
  • Indian Chicken with Bok Choy and cauli-rice  recipe here

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