Sunday, 27 May 2012


There's a lot of good stuff on sale this week.  Mostly produce, mind you, but that's a good start in my opinion.  There must be a lot of stuff coming into season in south and central US, because there is nothing at all in season here yet.  Nary a farmer's market in sight for another month here....

Man, I hope I don't have another shopping week like last week.  C'mon $160??  Crazy.  But I did see Eye-of-Round roast on sale at Food Basics for $1.88/lb.  This is good.  I love ground beef, really I do, but its the only beef I think we've eaten for a month now.  Chicken Legs at No Frills for $1/lb--gonna have to stock up on those if there are any left in the store at all.  The sales at No Frills this weekend are insane-good, so I'm going out of my usual way to get all kinds of stuff there (including cauliflower @ $1!).  Berries are on sale everywhere, and I do love berries above all other fruit.

I've come up with a simple custard recipe that I'm going to experiment with for breakfasts this week, so hopefully those recipes will show up on the blog if they work out.  I find pack-and-go breakfasts the hardest meal of the day.  And eggs can get VERY repetitive after a while...

So here's what I'm thinking:

  • Smokey Paprika Chicken and Shrimp on Cauli-Rice  (a variation on my Paella recipe, here )
  • Ham and Cheese Quiche recipe here
  • 5-Spice Crockpot Pork on cabbage & green apples
  • Swedish Meatballs on mashed cauliflower recipe here
  • Spanish Sausage with squash recipe TBA
  • Crockpot Ropa Vieja with Cuban Style Rice recipe here
  • Bbq chicken with grilled veggies 
Alright, so I'm back from my day of shopping and I've spent $124.05 for the week's food.  That included two extra meals worth of chicken, an extra roast beef, and an extra pkg of sausages, all because the prices were good.

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