Monday, 11 June 2012


I wanted pretty simple food this week.  With Steve working again, I'm doing all the cooking, and this week, he's also on a business trip, so I get to be the sole parent, too.  Yay, me!  So I wanted simple.  And cheap.  Because I like cheap.

This week's total $108.16. 

Yup, pretty proud of myself.  That even included dryer sheets and a lfetime supply of toilet paper.

  • cauli-crust pizza with sausage & ham cauli-crust recipe here
  • pad thai with flax pasta pad thai recipe from Well Fed, flax pasta recipe here (mine came out horrible, I warn you!!)
  • chipotle chicken recipe here
  • sloppy joes on squash fries recipe here
  • pork stir-fry with bok choy and sugar snaps sauce tba
  • breakfast for dinner
  • leftover shredded meat fajitas with cucumber-mango salad

  • banana dark chocolate chip muffins here
Chipotle Chicken

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