Sunday, 24 June 2012

ON THE MENU JN 24 - 30

Alright, this is going to be a challenging week to eat right.  Tonight we'll be heading to the Mandarin Restaurant for my daughter's birthday--an all-you-can-eat buffet of inappropriate (mostly chinese)foods and many tables of desserts.  I know I can do ok with the dinner--they have chicken satay, carved roast beef, peel-and-eat shrimp, cold and hot crab legs to name a few good things.  But I always lose it on the dessert table.  I'm talking cheesecake, butter tarts, chocolate-dipped fruit, creme brulee and several ice creams (including red velvet right now).  I'm going to have to go on a sugar detox after this, I'm afraid.  And to make it even harder, we will be eating out at a restaurant the following night, too, as we are treated by my father-in-law as his gift to both girls' birthdays.  At a regular restaurant, I can eat primally, at least, because there will be no buffet dessert tables calling my name.

Anywhoo, I had to make a run to the grocery store a couple of days ago when it occurred to me I had a picnic to bring food to, and the fridge was completely empty.  Staring at the sparkling clean fridge (hey, it was the perfect time to clean it...) it occurred to me that with the school year ending, we would have to again stock up for the not-so-paleo teens in our house since they'd be in and out all summer now.  There were two choices--provide only paleo-friendly food and watch them go to eat crap at every friend's house and bring home crap from the corner store since they wouldn't actually prepare any paleo-friendly food on their own (my husband and I both work full-time), or come to an agreement on the level-of-evil non-paleo foods we would provide.  I kinda want to be somewhere in the middle.  Sure, I want my kids to eat healthy foods, but they won't if I'm not there to make it for them, so I figure commercial sugar-free flavoured yogurts and nitrate-filled lunch meats are better than seeing them eat Kraft Dinner at their friends houses every day.  So I dropped $50 on lunch meats, keilbassa, pre-sliced (but not processed) cheeses and some fruits (so far).  You will see more not-really-paleo foods on my shopping trips, trying to strike that balance with the teens for the summer. 

So, what's on sale this week?  Not enough as far as I'm concerned. 

@ Food Basics:
-bone-in, skin-on thighs, breasts and drumsticks for $1.88/lb
-green seedless grapes for $0.88/lb
-bacon for $2.99
-bing cherries for $2.88/lb

@ Real Canadian Superstore
-blueberries for $1.44/pint
-cauliflower for $1.98/head
-pork half loin forr $2.98/lb

-lean ground beef $2.49/lb
-2-lb blueberries for $3.99

Total so far?  $118.58 the $50 two days ago for lunch meat, cheese, breakfast sausage, berries and nut butter.
....and chicken was sold out, so I have to go back and drop about another $12 still.  Makes me want to cry.   That's around $180 this week.  Damn.

So, what's on this week's menu, already??

This isn't my photo--its not even paleo, but its my inspiration to MAKE paleo...

  • fried clams/clam fritters with raw veggies recipe TBA
  • chicken BLT salads
  • stovetop lemon chicken scampi with greens  my inspiration came from here, but I may not follow it exactly
  • crockpot buffalo chicken with cauli-mash
  • taco bowls still experimenting with varations on this recipe --this time doubled and baked into big shells to serve in
  • beef and bacon koftas with cauli-orzo salad recipe TBA
and maybe

  • lemon chia seed cake here
Doesn't it  remind you of lemon poppyseed cake?  Lets see if  I can convince a teen to cook this...

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