Sunday, 17 June 2012

ON THE MENU JN 17 - 23

Ah, it finally happened!  I had enough meat stockpiled in the freezer for a whole week, so I didn't have to buy any!!  Of course, I needed just about everything else.  That's what eating fresh really means.  I need soooo much produce each week.  So what do we see here?  Dog food, 4 dozen eggs, 2 cartons unsweetened almond milk, crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, parmesan, salsa, a pgk of cream cheese, broccoli slaw (and behind it carrot slaw), baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers, jalapinos, toothpaste, hubby's body wash, cleaning sponges, chili-garlic sauce, green onions, red onions, strawberries, kiwi, red peppers, mushrooms, butter, yogurt (and behind them, out of sight is 2 kinds of apples and avocadoes, a loaf of breaad of the teens (gasp!) and a peanut butter (double gasp!  so they don't kill us in our sleep!) And in the baggies on the right; raw cashews, raw cane sugar, raisins, dark chocolate chips, cocoa and cinnamon.

So, what did this week of not buying meat cost me?  Not including dog food: $113.02

And what am I cooking with this stuff??

  • honey-garlic pork shish-ka-bob and coleslaw (making an asian marinade, and glazing with a honey garlic sauce, recipe TBA, and coleslaw recipe here )
  • zucchini in white sauce, "grande style" recipe TBA (if it works); I am experimenting with soaking cashews and blending them into a thick white sauce
  • crockpot roast beef, paleo yorkshire and  roasted carrots best yorkshire pudding recipe I have ever made is here
  • armadillo meatballs with raw veggies my hubbie picked this one, a mix between jalapino poppers and scottish eggs...and I LOVE jalapino poppers,  so recipe here
  • beef chili my own recipe, I never remember to write it down so its always just off the top of my head....  One day I will write it down.
....And that's about it.  Both girl's birthdays are this week, so there will be days we're eating out...  And on saturday, I'm going on a picnic and a hike with some fellow paleo peeps through Meet-Up, so that should be fun and I'll get to see other people's food.  Because I'm nosy.  I like to see other people's food.  Don't have a clue yet what I'll bring, either...
This is their pic, just for a teaser....

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