Tuesday, 25 September 2012

15-WOD #1

The 15-WOD....#1

Because a workout should be do-able
Because a workout should not be dreaded but embraced with clenched teeth
Because no muscle-building workout should have to take longer than that which I'm willing to commit to
Because we all have things to do and a life to get outside and live....

My break from working out must come to an end.  

Because it's time to get off my butt and do something that includes heavy things.

Hey, I'm heavy.  No, not THAT heavy.  But one hundred twenty-something is enough to call it heavy lifting,  I say.  Because I don't own any weights and believe in the power of lifting my own body weight.  Repeatedly.  And its getting pretty cold out there these days.

For 15 minutes (timed WOD)

(always start with 20-30 jumping jacks to get the heart pumping first, then start the timer)

15 squat jumps
10 push-ups
5 chin-ups/knees to elbows
pause for 30 seconds

Keep repeating, going through the rounds as fast as you can, for 15 minutes.  

Oh, I still can't do a full-out chin-up.  Yea, that's right.  How long have I been at this?  So I alternate, one round with assisted chin-ups, one round with knees to hips.  I'll get there.  Its not like there's a deadline.  I will probably be able to do a full-on handstand push-up before I can do a regular chin-up.  Truth.

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