Sunday, 30 September 2012

What Kind of Crazy WOD is This???

I have a confession to make.

I went out for a fun WOD today--we wanted to go climbing the mudslide cliff.  I'm not saying we didn't do that.  But when we got to the ravine, standing 200 feet up over the river, I could see even from the top that the river was chock full of salmon.  Spawning.  So they were swimming.....really....slowly.

And I wanted one.

Caveman instincts went on high-alert.  I didn't want to go fishing.  I wanted to hunt the fish, whack-a-mole style.  Is there a law against that?  I didn't know.  Is it only fishing if there's a rod and reel involved?

So I worked my way down the 200 foot sheer mudslide.  And in jeans and hiking boots went wandering upriver.  (That's the trick, right?  To get behind them?)  Total red-necks.  We hunted fish with rocks and sticks.  In $200 hiking boots and knee-deep icy water.  Because that's how we roll.

Sure, there came a point when we could have had one.  But we didn't.  Guilty conscience.  Like shooting fish in a barrel.  The thought of eating something from our local river.  The thought of hauling home a 10 lb clubbed freshwater salmon.

And only THEN did we go on with our mudslide climbing.  The mud was so steep and wet that you had to zig zag your way across the entire width of the cliff in order to slowly work your way up to the top again.  You can see Rei just sitting on the lip of the cliff watching me cross the whole thing.  I wanted a WOD.  I wasn't going to take the easy way up.

Hey, there's another cliff to climb off to the right....
Funny thing; Jonathan had it right.  The other night (while filming an episode of Big Primal), he asked me (really lighthearted) what I did to work out. And after we described a few of our more unusual escapades (because telling him I do push-ups in my basement seemed like a boring story and woefully inadequate) he laughed, took a deep breath, and said "Wow, you guys really go for the whole-body experience thing, don't you?"

The benefit of exercise outdoors; fall colours were awesome
Why yes, we do.

Because life is more fun that way.

He also suggested that strength didn't matter, it was the ability to be agile and lift our whole body weight up onto things.  Does this count, Jonathan? I'm gonna say yes.

Maybe next year I really SHOULD look into that Tough Mudder thing.  I think it might suit me.

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