Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back to Basics Days 5&6

Weekends are hard for clean eating, aren't they?  Its a seriously cool, rainy day.  I want to drink wine and watch movies and munch on....anything food.

I'm having a hungry day.  I kind of lost my mind a few times in the excessive food department.  When I was at the Bulk Barn, and it was getting close to lunch time; didn't I find something that looked like a "log" of puree'd dates rolled in chopped almonds?  Bulk Barn larabars!!  I had to try it.  Yup.  They taste just like larabars. (FYI; they also had this pureed date thing with whole almonds jammed in it and rolled in coconut--things to try making myself AFTER the B2B month is over!  Maybe I'll even try adding cocoa powder.)

That's it for my sugar consumption for the day (damn weekends and easy access to food and free time...).

So my food went like this...

  • 3 mugs coffee
  • breakfast; baked omelette with blueberry sauce (a real food letdown; I will not repeat it)
  • snacking; small handful of nuts, butter with coconut shavings
  • OMG more snacking; BB "larabar"
  • lunch; leftover chicken cacciatore
  • snacking; dill pickle, olives, small plum
  • dinner: crockpot roast beef, yorkshire pudding (from fastpaleo--its awesome!!), roasted tomatoes
Thankfully, the roast beef finally filled me up for the day.  I struggled to finish my dinner and couldn't think of food again for the rest of the day.

And now it's Sunday.  I vow that today will be a better day (though my 3 jumbo mugs of coffee is starting to give me a headache at this point...)

The sun is out--perfect day for a big WOD!  So we went for a 40-minute trail run, and man, were there a lot of runners out in the woods today!

So the food part of my day went like this
  • breakfast; home made pork sausage paddies, fried eggs, grapes and strawberries
  • lunch; leftover roast beef, yorkshire, a single slice of tomato and a small pear
  • snack; cup of coffee with creamer, 4 olives, a dill pickle, some ginger-mint-lemongrass herbal tea
  • dinner; brined and baked chicken, sweet potato casserole

The chicken was a free-range chicken from my new favorite local farmer, which I thought I'd try brining on.  Basically, for every litre of water, add 1/8 c table salt.  You need enough salt water to fully cover the bird.  Because my bird came cut up, I only brined it for 2 1/2 hours.  If you want to add spices to the brine, you have to boil the water and spices first, let it cool, then use it.  

The sweet potato casserole comes from the cookbook Paleo Comfort Foods.  It's a really good cookbook, and this is my favorite way to cook sweet potato.  Basically, boil the potatoes, and mash into them some coconut milk, some butter, a couple of eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt.  Sprinkle with chopped pecans and bake for about a half hour.  It is soooo, soooo filling!  I'm thinking of wisking a couple of eggs into the leftovers tomorrow for breakfast and voila, breakfast pudding.

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