Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back to Basics Days 7&8

Ugh, I won't bore you with a post every single day showing my food and nothing else.  I promise I am working on a recipe/idea as you read this, but these things take time.....

Meantime, my daily food went like this:

  • 2 mugs coffee with my home made creamer
  • breakfast; leftover sweet potato casserole with extra coconut milk and an egg whisked in.  Yes, it was delicious.  I will eat it all week or until the leftovers run out.  I'm pretty simple that way
  • coffee with home made creamer
  • lunch; leftover chili from my freezer, half an avocado, cup of kombucha, small pear
  • coffee with home made creamer
  • dinner; ribs!  And home made coleslaw, a handful of grapes.  I was hungry.  Don't judge.
I ate too fast to take a picture.  Don't we all do that sometimes?  You guys have all seen what ribs and coleslaw look like.  I wish I had Whole30-approved barbecue sauce.  Oh, well, the ribs are in my belly now anyways.  Too late.  But I WILL FIND A DELICIOUS PALEO APPROVED BBQ SAUCE!!!

All you people out there in the paleo blog-o-sphere--stop posting pretty confectionery desserts!!  I think I'm losing my mind, and it ain't pretty.  So stop that!

....And on day 8:
  • 2 mugs coffee with creamer
  • breakfast; lefotver sweet potato casserole with extra coconut milk and an egg whisked in, a small leftover homemade pork sausage patty
  • lunch; a cup of kombucha, leftover ribs and coleslaw, a small pear
  • coffee with creamer
  • coconut and butter mashed together with cocoa powder (still don't judge) stuffed in 2 dates
  • dinner; indian chicken on green beans and a small plum, a few grapes
  • coconut milk with cocoa
OMG, I would give my left eyeball for something chocolaty right now!  Does this feeling go away, or is my whole month going to be like this?!  I totally get why PaleOMG boiled and mashed carrots with nutmeg and called it pudding.  (Coincidentally, a great side dish I will be eating this week, but pudding it ain't)...

The indian chicken recipe, by the way, came from here, but I tend to cheat and just use curry paste in place of all the spices.  It is a delicious recipe, and ridiculously simple.

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