Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Back to Basics Day 9

Do you ever feel like your body demands a set amount of calories every day, and begins to throw a fit if it doesn't get it?  I can't say I'm actually hungry most days, but I'm.....snacky?  Craving?  Not stomach growling, more like my brain crying out that I've been denying it the usual amount of carbs and it wants them NOW...  I'm just not one of those people that "just isn't hungry".  I'm always hungry.  I can always eat.  The hard part is deciphering the true hunger from the cravings. 

So I said no to Hakka for the first time ever today.  Yes, I did.  I had every intention of eating my frozen leftovers for lunch, but then I was asked if I wanted to go to Marlowe's instead and have some grilled fish and veggies.  Do I?  I have a hard time saying no to free food, especially high-quality free food.  So of course I went.  And I picked as best as I could with what I knew.  I think I did pretty good.  The salad came tossed in an olive-oil-based dressing.  There was a scant 1 tsp feta-type cheese on it.  Oops.  I didn't know they'd do that.  I got up to use the washroom and came back to find a diet fountain pop at my seat, too.  What can you do?  Start picking apart your meal in front of your very generous and well-meaning boss?  No, I don't think so.  You politely sip/taste the pop--it is 90% water, anyways, and you eat the meagre teaspoon of feta and make a mental note to avoid it next time, if there is a next time at all.  You do not bite the hand that feeds you.  So there, I had 2 tiny cheats today, both unintentional, and that's just life.

On the good side of things, I was quite pleasantly full from the lunch, so I should not have to deal with my body throwing cranky-fits about the lower calorie consumption today.  Dinner was placed in the crockpot first thing this morning, making my evening pretty simple and thoughtless.  More time for blogging and listening to podcasts.

A little side note--do NOT buy salted pork fat, thinking you can just fry/broil it into pork rinds.  At least, not without washing all the salt off first.  I thought, hey, I won't need to salt it after frying it.  It came out of the frypan as one huge salt lick and three very brave teenagers were completely grossed out by our cooking.  Lesson learned.  Salt pork is not just pork with a bit of salt.  That was Sunday, and I have been...suffering the consequences of too much salt ever since.  Ya, nuff said about that little issue....

So.... the day in food went like this:

  • 2 mugs coffee with creamer
  • breakfast; sweet potato casserole with an egg and some coconut milk whisked into it, a small home made pork patty
  • lunch; mixed greens salad, blackened, grilled rainbow trout with green beans and red pepper
  • coffee (of course!)
  • dinner; shredded crockpot pork shoulder with gravy, carrot pudding (recipe from PaleOMG here--I added a bit of coconut milk to make it a bit creamy)

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